The fourteenth China International Symposium on peptide scie

POST TIME:2017-09-06

The fourteenth China International Symposium on peptide science (CPS 2016)

Phtdpeptides industrial Col,Limited, we are a Peptide Manufacturer who create catalogue and custom synthesised peptides to order. We are one of the largest peptide manufacturers in the world today.

Our production facilities are created in a GMP facility with extensive research and development in the creation of the highest quality peptides available today. Phtdpeptides has produced thousands of peptides ranging in quantity from milligrams to multiple kilograms with purities up to 99.99%

Here you will see the processes of peptide synthesis and quality control. We have included some pictures and production processes from within our facility. You are always more than welcome to come and visit our production facilities, where you will have a full guided tour and the key to your any questions.